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Green Initiatives

Pouls Landscaping & Nursery, Inc. has incorporated “sustainable landscaping” products and services into our traditional landscape operations. As a small business, we are adopting policies and procedures to reduce our carbon footprint, promote clean air, and maximize recycling.

Rainwater Harvesting
According to a Gallup poll in March 2008, when Americans were asked to rate their level of worry about each of 12 environmental concerns, the top 4 relate to the quality of water.
With Poul’s Planet Blue Rainwater harvesting system you can feel good knowing you are helping to improve the planet's quality of water by reducing the amount of stormwater runoff that can overburden our water filtration systems and that carries herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer runoff into our lakes and streams. The harvested water is stored underground on your property and can be retrieved as needed via a simple pump system to water your lawn and shrubs during dry spells.

Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels
Rain gardens are as attractive to look at as they are effective in capturing and directing rainwater on your property. Rain gardens and decorative dry streams allow rainwater to soak into the soil and replenish aquifers rather than run off into the sewer drains. Rain barrels can be used to catch and hold rainwater from gutters and downspouts for later use to water your garden, or for cleaning tasks that don’t require drinking-quality water. Rain barrels come in a variety of styles, sizes, and fun colors and are easy and economical to install.
Rain Garden
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Habitat Gardens and Vegetable Gardens

Habitat Gardens help restore native vegetation and biological processes, and also attract wildlife such as birds and beneficial insects by providing food sources, shelter and nesting sites.
Vegetable gardens are both rewarding and sustainable. Combined with ornamental and aromatic herbs they can also be quite attractive as well as scent-sational.

Poul’s “Green” Operational Initiatives

HYBRID VEHICLES  We have begun our transition toward vehicles with better fuel efficiency. Better fuel efficient trucks and hybrid vehicles like our Toyota Prius will help reduce the amount of harmful carbon emissions released into our environment.

Hybrid Vehicles

RECYCLING PROGRAM  If it is recyclable, we will recycle. This means old computers, paper, plastic, glass and landscape wastes. Our recycling and composting programs help reduce the amount of wastes going into landfills.

MULCH  We have banned the use of Cypress mulches that have been harvested from our country’s Gulf Coast. Old growth Cypress trees in Florida’s natural wetlands have been clear-cut in and not re-planted. Cypress forests naturally filter pollutants and serve as a reservoir for flood water, and so it is essential for protecting groundwater - quality and quantity. Cypress forests protect our wildlife and our wetlands.
Poul’s offers alternatives to Cypress mulch which are superior in performance and sustainability.

TECHNOLOGY = LESS PAPER  Our progression into new technologies enables us to use less paper. For example, the use of satellite global positioning technology enables us to electronically route our crews, replacing paper map books and written route logs with digital imagery.

TREE NURSERY  Our own 165 acre nursery grows a carefully selected line of trees that can help long-term efforts to reduce the amount of harmful carbons in the atmosphere. Locally grown also means better adaptability (and the need for supplemental “inputs”), and lower transportation/fuel burden.