Dormant Oil Application

By Wendy Kjeldbjerg,

  One of the best and safest methods to control mite and scale insects that damage trees is with the use of horticulture (dormant) oils. Horticultural oils are very effective for controlling soft-bodied insects and over-wintering egg masses before the insects damage your applicable plants. Scale insects, mites, gall forming insects, cankerworms, mealy bugs, and  … Read more

What Makes Poul’s Landscaping & Nursery Different

By Wendy Kjeldbjerg,

Poul's Landscaping & Nursery

  At Poul’s Landscaping & Nursery, our fleet of all-red trucks is not the only thing that makes us stand out. We are more than our landscaping services and nursery (although we like to think our top-notch products and services make us pretty exceptional, as well.) And while other landscaping companies may use the same  … Read more