How do your trees and shrubs benefit from dormant pruning?

By Jennifer Scharff,

Dormant pruning, also known as winter pruning, is the practice of pruning trees and shrubs during their dormant winter months. This type of pruning offers several benefits: It’s important to note that not all plants are suitable for dormant pruning, and the specific timing and techniques may vary based on the type of plant. Additionally,  … Read more

Dormant Oil Application

By Wendy Kjeldbjerg,

  One of the best and safest methods to control mite and scale insects that damage trees is with the use of horticulture (dormant) oils. Horticultural oils are very effective for controlling soft-bodied insects and over-wintering egg masses before the insects damage your applicable plants. Scale insects, mites, gall forming insects, cankerworms, mealy bugs, and  … Read more